Public Finance Practice

KKLL provides public finance services to a broad array of clients, including school districts, municipalities, municipal authorities, and other entities. We have broad experience with various types of bond issues, including new money, general obligation borrowings, refundings, tax and revenue anticipation borrowings, and interest rate swaps. We have extensively worked with all types of debt structures, including negotiated and competitive underwritings, fixed and variable rate debt, credit enhancement, and direct placements with banks. We also advise issuers on compliance with continuing disclosure obligations, other securities law matters, and various tax requirements such as qualified hedges, reissuances, reimbursement bonds, multipurpose allocations, yield restrictions, and rebate requirements.

KKLL lawyers have been innovators in public finance work for many years. Through creative techniques, we frequently add extra value and save significant money for our public finance clients. We stay on the cutting edge, and provide an extra measure of service and benefit.

KKLL served as swap counsel for the first Pennsylvania school district interest rate management agreement, and has been a leader in developing school board procedures to carefully evaluate the appropriateness of implementing interest rate management agreements.

KKLL is different from many other bond counsel firms, both in terms of service and fees.

We distinguish ourselves by providing special and creative service. Our focus is on establishing an ongoing relationship of trust. Relationships are very important to us.

Our Firm is listed in The Bond Buyer, the publication listing recognized bond counsel throughout the United States. In order to keep abreast of new developments in the rapidly changing area of public finance law, we maintain membership in the National Association of Bond Lawyers, the Pennsylvania Association of Bond Lawyers, and other organizations.

Our approach to bond fees (as well as other legal fees) is to arrive at a fee which is fair and appropriate based on the legal work required. In addition, it is very important to us that KKLL charge uniform fees among clients, so as to avoid different fees for different clients. We believe this is part of the client relationship of trust and integrity.

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