On December 14, 2013, Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry announced a 1.2% increase to the base amounts used by public school districts to determine whether competitive bidding and/or multiple price quotes are required under Sections 751 and 807.1 of the Public School Code.

Accordingly, school districts may use the following dollar thresholds when determining whether competitive bidding and/or multiple price quotes are required for construction-related projects and non-exempt purchases:

  • Section 751 – Construction Projects – Public bidding is required for construction, reconstruction, repairs, maintenance or work to public school buildings, where the entire cost, value, or amount of such work, including labor and material, exceeds $19,100.  For construction-related work costing more than $10,300 and less than $19,100, three (3) written or telephonic quotations must be obtained.  A school district’s own maintenance personnel may perform such work with soliciting bids or quotes, if the entire cost is less than $10,300.
  • Section 751 – Separate Contracts – Separate specifications, bids and contracts for electrical, plumbing, mechanical and general trades work are required for construction-related work on any public school building, where the entire cost for such work exceeds $19,100.
  • Section 807.1 – School Supplies – Public bidding is required for purchases of non-exempt furniture, equipment, school supplies and other appliances when the cost of the purchase is $19,100 or more.  For non-exempt purchases costing more than $10,300 and less than $19,100, three (3) written or telephonic quotations must be obtained.

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