Construction Law Practice

KKLL’s construction law attorneys represent owners, architects, engineers, and contractors.
Our expertise covers the full array of legal issues arising from construction.

Construction Contracts

KKLL’s attorneys are experts in negotiating construction contracts, including architect agreements, engineer agreements, contractor and subcontractor agreements, project management agreements, performance and payment bonds, and other important construction law documents. We know which contract terms are the most critical for your success!

Requests for Proposals

We have developed forms to be used by owners in issuing Requests for Proposals for design professionals and project managers – these forms can be tailored based upon the owner’s particular needs and preferences for a specific project.

“Troubleshooting” a Project

KKLL’s focus is to keep our clients out of litigation. We try to achieve this goal by collaborating with clients throughout a construction project to ensure appropriate planning, process, and documentation occurs. We strive to help clients be proactive and to solve problems before litigation is necessary.


In the event construction disputes arise, KKLL is an effective and cost-efficient advocate. We have successfully represented clients in mediations, arbitrations, and civil litigation. It is critically important to have a skilled attorney with specific experience in construction law to protect your interests in such proceedings.

Employment Law (Management Side Only).

KKLL’s attorneys have successfully counseled and represented design professionals and contractors in a wide variety of employment law matters, and before state and federal administrative agencies and courts in employment law cases.

Corporate Counsel and Business Planning

Serving in the role of corporate counselor, we assist contractors and design professionals in resolving difficult business problems that may arise in connection with business succession, organization, planning, and compliance. Our corporate attorneys have assisted contractors in acquiring other companies, drafting shareholder agreements, and a variety of other corporate issues. Our clientele ranges from large general contractors to newly-formed contractors and subcontractors. We take pride in our role as corporate advisor to many contractors and design professionals in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.

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