Guiding Principles for Law Practice

Vigorous and Informed representation

We represent clients in a forceful, intelligent, and thorough manner – winning cases, closing deals, and obtaining superior results.

Creative Solutions

The most important benefit we provide is independent thinking and creativity. Prompt and cost-effective solutions and creativity are our constant focus.


Our rule is to return client calls immediately – and if not possible, at least on the day received.


The following are additional important KKLL core values.

  • Quality, integrity, and superior results are of essence.
  • Our job as lawyers is to provide practical advice and find the critical path – the quickest and most incisive solution to any issue.
  • We endeavor to be positive and enthusiastic people – with a passion for what we do, and an always positive focus. We are not nay-sayers – within the constraints of legal rules, we believe our job is to show the client how to do what the client wants to do.
  • We go the extra mile – giving unselfishly of time, energy, and creativity to provide superior results.
  • “A lawyer’s advice is his stock in trade.” This Lincoln quotation sums up our role in bringing together knowledge, experience, judgment, and positive focus to provide value to you as our client.
  • We believe in staying on the cutting edge, and providing proactive service.
  • We believe in plain language, not legalese. Excellent lawyers not only understand the law, they set themselves apart by communicating, explaining, and writing in clear and concise language.
  • We believe in getting to know our clients, including facilities, people, and core values. There is no such thing as “standard” legal documents or advice – we endeavor to mold legal work to client philosophy and facts.
  • There should be a “relationship” between client and law firm. Solid relationships lead to superior results.
  • We emphasize hiring lawyers with experience and significant accomplishments prior to joining KKLL.

Most of our lawyers practice in several areas. This allows development of the required expertise for sophisticated legal service – while enhancing breadth, perspective, and judgment.

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